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[ZM] Rules Admin Test

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Post [ZM] Rules Admin Test   28 Apr 2015, 10:46
Rules Admin test

First of all, if you would like to be an admin on the server would need to know the rules
1. It is prohibited to insults admins and players to argue with them.
2. Do not change your nick.
3. In one day you have to have 100 minutes played on the server
4. The first 1 month you are TEST Admin .While you take test admin you will not possess command ban.
5. If players insults another player you can gag him on 2 minutes
6. Do not in any way abuse AMX commands Because it strictly punished
If you read these rules and agree with them, you can become a admin

Here are some rules you need to know

1) Respawn the players when they connect
2) If someone is swearing you gag him amx_gag nick 120,300,600
when he swear first time you gag him on 2 minutes,
next time on 5 minutes and after that on 10 minutes

Don't insult other admins, and don't swear if you do you will be suspended or you will lose amx ...
I don't say that you will do that but just to know the rules

Here are some comands if you dont know them

amx_gag nick time (thats when someone is swearing)

amx_kick nick (you dont have ban comand for first 2 months..
so you will kick cheaters if there arent admins)

amx_slay nick (that's for players that do retry in modes like ,
plague ,swarm and survivor)

amx_teammenu (that's for moving players from spectate in game)

You need to play at least 100 minutes per day And boost our server when you can It would be good
if you can boost at least 2 times per month or more if you can

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