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Post [ZM] SERVER RULES   11 Sep 2016, 01:08

1)Please be friendly and have nice behaviour with each other.
2)Do not swear, or insult anyone or you can get punishment from gag to ban.
3)Do not spam for nemesis,survivor,items or ammo packs. You can get a gag for this.
4)Do not advertise about anything, especially of other servers or you can get a punishment of gag to ban!
5)Do not get indulged in a religious talk, this is strictly prohibited.
6)If you find a hacker, inform admin on admin chat through u@ instead of swearing.
7)Do not use nick of other players, especially of VIP players and ADMIN.
8)Do not argue with players or admins about anything. If you think admins don't work properly or you have any complains against them, go to the forum and report in special topic for that or u can report to any HA / HHA.
9)Do not use any type of third party program that can help you play better or have an advantage over other players(cheats,hacks).
10)Do not stay in spectators or transfer from game into spectators or you will be punished from kick to ban!The only time you can be in spectators is if Admin allows you to be(When you are boosting etc...)!


1)Do not buy all 3 infection bombs when you're a zombie.
2)Do not use/throw infection bomb on 1 human, this will be penalized by a slay!
3)Do not use jetpack bugs, this is irritating to other players and will lead you to get slay!
4)Do not use jetpack all the time and stay in air, this is not allowed.
5)Do not fly when you are the last human, hide somewhere, or you can get slay.
6)Do not hide when you are the zombie, attack humans or you can get slay.
7)Do not retry in any round or else you will get slay!
8)If you are Survivor, don't fly or you get slay!(fixed)
9)If you are Sniper,dont fly or you get slay!(fixed)
10)If you are Nemesis don't hide or you get slay!
11)If you are Assassin dont hide but attack or you get slay!
12)Do not constantly spam to get Sniper,Assassin,Nemesis,Survivor on admin chat!
13)Do not spam admins or vips to give you ammo packs or items,this wont be punished but its annoying!
14) Do not spam more then 7 Frost Nade in a row (freeze bomb) on zombies or you may get slay after a warning!

If you violate the above rules, you can get ban of 60-300 mins. Severe violations will lead you to be on BLACK LIST. Then you will get longer gags and bans, and you will not be able to get SLOT or ADMIN in our server!


This topic is locked, you cannot edit posts or make further replies.
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